ENG – MAYFLOWER NETWORK is an idea born on May 13th, 2013. The main idea was mainly intent to bypass the “one man orchestra” concept and looking forward a personal network of freelances able to complete and offer all the “second level” competences that could be necessary to a SME ( Small – Medium Enterprise ) during the INTERNATIONALIZATION CYCLE . “Second level” competences that don’t involve directly the skills of the Internationalization Consultant/T.E.M., but that are however necessary to make a good TEAM-JOB for a customized and performed solution. This level of competences are usually internally into a Big Multinational Company; partially internally and partially externally in a Small Mutinational Company/Medium Enterpriese; totally externally in a Small Enterprise, but they are however necessary .

ENG – MAYFLOWER NETWORK is a name selected for 3 main reason :

A ) The idea was born in a particular day dedicated to the MAY-FLOWER Lady

B ) The MAYFLOWER name remind a special Vessel intents to discover The New Worlds as well this network could represent new ways/solutions to make all our support services,  fully integrated in a Multinational Company, to SME taking into account the new trend of the Co-Working offices. A solution easy & more flexible, cheaper and customized according to the specifics needs of the SME.

C ) In botany MAYFLOWER is the mother plant for the insertion of various fruit trees, as the process of internationalization can be an opportunity to trigger a process of virtuous fruit within the company

The ENG – MAYFLOWER NETWORK of Freelancers today is offering:

1) Translations into Foreign Languages …

2) Legal Consultancy

3) Accounting & Administrative Consultancy

4) Graphics, Web Sites, SEO implementation Consultancy

5) Quality Certification Consultancy

6) Marketing Consultancy

7) Computer’s Network Consultancy

8) Communication Consultancy

9) Assurance Service Consultancy

For Consultations :

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