” ENG – WHY SELECT US ? “ : With over 15 years of experience in Import-Export Sales for Multinational Companies and Italian SMEs, we can provide an adequate response to increase the number of your customers and your yearly sales turnover. This is not only because we are “able to buid ” sales networks, but also because we are able to use in the proper way a series of “Soft Skills” that are able to assure us a good INTERNATIONALIZATION CYCLE .

” ENG – WHY SELECT US ? “ : If you are a foreign company which wants to sale your products in Italy, we can help you in the “Import” phase supporting you with market research, implementation of the of sale networks and caring your goods with an appropriate logistic network. Generally we operate on Consulting way, at least, in the first year and after the first one on Commission Base. This because we believe that our work in the scouting phase has a knowledge, a strategic and marketing value that it couldn’t be covered only by the first sales.

” ENG – WHY SELECT US ? “ : If you are an Italian company that wants to expand its business out of Italy, we follow the internationalization process of your company by identifying the best solutions for your needs. We are not looking forward some export sales in some countries without a real logic … We are looking for a real INTERNATIONALIZATION CYCLE planning able to fix a stable presence in some areas and following a step by step process.

” ENG – WHY SELECT US ? “ : As First because we are Flexible ! You can call use and use our services only for the period that you really need and you don’t have to consider us as a fix cost like the salary of an employee.  As Second our goal it’s Growing Together in order to allow your company to center your target.  As the third point we are trustable and with successfull stories behind ! This is provide by the CMC  Certification title for Consultant .