Logo, Mark & Brand

Words such as Logo, Mark & Brand are growing of importance and attention in commercial contexts and new international markets where it’s possible the risk of a generalization. These words are today becoming very important not only for large multinational companies, but also for small and medium industries.

Logo, Mark & Brand have become a fundamental recovery of the industrial history and the use of the expression like “From ” or ” Since” wants to denote a long tradition of high quality. In the presence of companies managed by the same family for several generations this operation is relatively easy. This is certainly more difficult in the presence of the newly established company.

This Brand would like to center this goal: to describe a personal & professional experience and the tradition and history of the town, where I was born, dedicating a “de facto” tribute…

The “ LOGO GrmG ” ( G reverse mirror G ) is composed of two letters “G” which are the initials of my first and last name. The letters are placed in an ellipse that symbolically recalls the most famous square today enrolled within the city: “Piazza Anfiteatro”, but also the same shape of the renaissance walls. In particular this new vision of the city walls is present since the LOGO restyle happened in the year 2010.

In addition the entire figure is cut with 2 segments into perpendicular and into horizontal that are a strong reference to the original city as a Roman camp with its main streets (Cardus & Decumanus) intersected in the center and oriented according to the main cardinal axes. A openness tradition to the world that dates at least 54 BC. In that year, in Lucca, Pompey & Crassus met Julius Caesar returning from Gaul and they agreed to form the first triumvirate giving birth to the transition between the age of Consuls and the Empire.

Although Lucca is narrowed in its three surrounding walls, the town never lost its tradition of openness to the world as city of merchants, artists, men of science and culture. The Y2010 brand updating, with the selection of the 5 continental colors of the Olympic flag, is representing the sign of openness that remains unchanged even today.

Logo GisG