Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

D. Eisenhower

Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Fabius Maximus (said Cunctator “Temporeggiatore” ), Caesar, Napoleon and Carl Von Clausewitz, Erwin Rommel and D. Eisenhower left us important writings and treaties of military STRATEGY – STATEGIA . The business world is not a war, but it’s a competitive environment where STRATEGY – STATEGIA is essential to plan and to successfully complete the review a Vision and Mission as the analysis of the Brand and the consistency of his position in optics of a new plan to import, to export and for internationalization.
The STRATEGY – STATEGIA is the base to organize the penetration of a company ( especially a SME looking at the Europe market and possibly looking at the rest of the world ) and it’s closely related to the product sector assignment / treated by the technology in question and the ability of the company to react at a phase of change management and implementation of processes that an internationalization action entails.

Basic points of a precise planning and indispensable STRATEGY – STATEGIA process are the following:


Analysis of the value of the product offered by the company


Technical analysis in relation to the competition


Economic analysis in relation to competition (prices,quality,performances)


Analysis of the markets


Level of culture of the company management


Analysis of human resources


Analysis operational resources


Analysis of available financial resources and consequent assessment of the most appropriate action to be taken (marketing-advertising-fairs-transfers)


screening contacts by size-potential-solid certainty of payments


Of choice partners (importers-distributors or agents network).

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