Out-Sourcing your export department

Out-Sourcing your export department

OUT-SORCING YOUR EXPORT DEPARTMENT is the flexible solution to enable you to quickly develop your foreign markets with professionalism.

We carry out the business, as agency and especially as consulting, for various companies with objectives linked to the internationalization of SMEs and the development on the foreign market. The activity is carried out both as a collaborator of consulting firms like as Export Sales Consultant & T.E.M. ( Temporay Export Manager ) of SELES div. of EVERAP SPA, that independently as freelance.

We have successfully operated in the following sectors:

  • Pharma Valves;
  • Mechanical Companies;
  • Iceengineering;
  • Artisan Furnitures;
  • Water pumps;
  • Swimming pools;
  • International Logistics;
  • Filterpress;
  • Water Treatment;
  • Fitness & Wellness;
  • Fashion;
  • Marble & Granite;
  • Dental Instruments;
  • ETC. – ETC.;
  • Food;
  • Food Packaging;

What we provide

  • Analysis of the potential of the target market;
  • Benchmarking on the sources of competition;
  • Definition of commercial strategy;
  • Identification of strategic partners
  • Search of potential customers;
  • Identification of distribution channels;
  • Strategic selection of retailers;
  • Development of the business plan;
  • Collaboration in the definition of pricing policies;
  • Product launch in the market;
  • Start-up of the sales network;
  • Training of agents for sale;
  • Training agents in the sales phase;
  • Participation in trade fairs;
  • Creation of business partnerships;
  • Optimization of Internet sites to overseas markets.

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